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Entrust the work to a graphic design professional who will think about the message and image that will result from your project. When it’s aligned with your values, it’s truly a long-term investment, which will ensure that your brand will evolve.



I'm a Graphic Designer for 10 years.
I have worked in the field of digital/offset/silkscreen printing, in magazines and newspapers, in advertising,
for funeral company and in photography.


I consider myself to be VERY "multi-task", which means that with my experience and knowledge, I can create your desired designs and elements and then adapt them so that they are ready for use.

I am a content creator, brand creator, specializing in listening to my clients and carrying out projects to their liking.
What I like the most is seeing a client tell me how well I managed to identify what he had in mind, and that he loves his project.

I am available to guide you and
help you create your projects,
to make them true and worthy of
your intentions.

You can contact me
by email at
or by phone at 514-531-9768

Pleasure to have business with you.

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